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K 'n L Gifts

Custom Etched Mirrors and Glass Items

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A bold and dramatic reflection....

What started out as a wedding gift turned into a journey that would bring us where we are today. Her first items were custom etched mirrors with your choice of designs like Under the Sea, Oriental, and Southwestern.
We have many styles to choose from, so if you wish we could send the complete list to you via mail or email, or in CD format so that you could see what it looks like and keep for future reference.
CD catalogs are $3.00 to cover the cost of cds and mailing. This is refundable with your first order of $ 20.00 or more!


Here is an example of a piece called "Chasing Dragons". Both are being chased by one another, a subtle variation on the Ying and Yang of the Universe. The maximum size I will etch is 2 feet square.
General pricing for etched mirrors:
$15.00 and up for patterns
$30.00 and up for facial relief etchings

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K 'n L Gifts
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