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K 'n L Gifts

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Made with amethyst points and glass beads

This one of a kind necklace was made with glass beads and tumbled amethyst points. It is a double strand necklace...great for wearing with jeans or a night out on the town!

Double strand necklace with glass and Smoky Quartz

This necklace is a double strand, composed of smoky quartz, metal and glass beads. It has a magnetic closure, so it is easy to get on and off!

Gold tipped shell pendant on a shell chip necklace

The components for this necklace came directly from Hawaii! The pendant is gold tipped, giving it a rich shine and highlighting the shell color. The shell chip necklace is a good contrast, in dark and light.

Inspired by, of all things, an ad for almonds!

Beautiful blues and purples made up this gorgeous necklace of glass beads. The pendant is a striking teardrop of tiger eye! This was inspired by an ad for almonds, where the almond was the pendant and blueberries were the beads.

Fun Shell Necklace with a Wild Pendant!

This awesome necklace is made with smoky quartz, glass beads and shell points and a shell leaf pendant! Show your wild side with this fun and unique piece!

Turquoise necklace with Cherry and Smoky Quartz

Inspired by the Southwest...this fun and timeless necklace is made with lab-made turquoise and accented with Cherry and Smoky Quartz beads. A little bit of sparkle with some silver accent beads and the piece is ready for that special wearer!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

K 'n L Gifts at Etsy!!

Most of our necklaces are made using a mix of semi-precious stones, glass, metal or resin beads. We generally use magnetic clasps to make it easier to put on and take off....even one handed! We also like to use toggle clasps, which are the bar with the loop type you see around. We use quality Beadalon to string our jewelry, making it lightweight and at the same time sturdy.

K 'n L Gifts
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