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K 'n L Gifts

Upcoming Products and Events

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What's going on and where we will be this year.......

On this page we will list the events in 2007 that we hope to attend, this list may change periodically.
We will also make this page an "upcoming products" page,  so check back to see what is new!

Upcoming Products

Some upcoming product ideas for 2006-2007:
  • Some jewelry and ornaments for those wonderful ladies in the Red Hat groups! Check out the Jewelry page, they are here!!!
  • Mixed media jewelry for the wild side of life....pins and pendants of a more primal and ethnical nature. Polymer clay, beads, sequins, glitter....whatever comes to mind! A couple of these are on the Jewelry page as well, check them out!!

Events for the month of July:
Jammin' July Streetfest - July 14th - Downtown The Dalles on Second Street, from 5pm until we leave!!
Events for the month of November:
St. Mary's Christmas Craft Bazaar - Sometime mid-November. Crafters, vendors and bakers from all over the area come here and it is a fantastic event to see. Everything from jewelry to knitted items, foods to toys, you could find it there! Located at St. Mary's Academy, on 10th and Cherry Heights, across from the church.
We are now on Ebay!!! Check us out, user knlgifts97058!!
Also, we have some of our jewelry displayed for sale at The Artist's Alley. Located in the 300 block of East 2nd Street, in downtown The Dalles. A vast array of glass items are available there, from jewelry to plates to yard ornaments. Check them out, over 30 members of the Oregon Glass Guild have their wares for sale there at The Artist's Alley.

K 'n L Gifts
PO Box 1295
The Dalles, OR 97058